Music Release
For Do It Yourself Musicians

Are you releasing music online? This guide will show you how to grow your income and tribe while sharing your music.


"If you wish to release new music, please consider this course as a first step in learning the basics to get that hit single you’ve always dreamed of!"

Nalini Blossom

"The One Song Away Course was amazing and I would recommend it to any independent Artist out there.

Being part of this incredible community of musicians supporting each other with Somesh at the helm was so resourcing. It is now really clear to me how to release music in 2021 and as a result it doesn't feel overwhelming to do so. I feel excited, inspired and really grateful. Thank you xx"

Tallulah Rendall

"Thank you SO much for this course Somesh.

I had become so despondent and "lost" with my music and getting it out into the world during this pandemic lockdown and didn't know what to do anymore.

Thanks to you, I feel I have reignited my purpose and belief in my music, connected with a super supportive community of musicians and now have a clear way forward with how to progress with my online music business.

What amazing gifts!!! Thank you so much!”

Maya Love

“Taking part in 'One Song Away' helped me feel confident enough to launch myself into the recording and release process, which I will always be so grateful for! 

The space was beautifully held by Somesh and having a support group of people on the same path has been - and continues to be - invaluable. “

Lena Younes

“ I learnt to find balance. Don't let technology rule you. Get creative. Use it as an art form.

I learnt a-lot about social media platforms and how they work. Was so grateful too Somesh. And I learnt the way forward is together."

Joie De Winter

"Perfect course for anyone that feels alone in getting their music out there. The course provides a ready made community and step by step guide to getting your music heard" 

Scott Ferguson

"Thank you, thank you so much for all the coursework tools and resources. We're enjoying the booster of support, feeling less alone with it all and picking out what is of best use for us right now."


"I’d really recommend this course to anyone starting out in a music career... or to anyone already in their music career who wishes to know more about how to navigate the music industry in these times, how to digitally market themselves and get their music reaching more ears and hearts! 

Somesh De Swardt has a wealth of knowledge in this area and a generosity of spirit, which makes for a really enriching experience"


Included in the course..
  5 Steps Video Training
  Release Document Template
  Release Document Example 
  The 5 Steps Powerpoint Slides  
  21 Mistakes That Every Musician Should Avoid 
  30 Day Money Back Guarantee
I really would love to work with you, and help you grow your success online. Its my passion and my mission.

Thanks again,
Somesh De Swardt
P.S. Can't wait to help you become effective at launching your own conscious music, let's unite forces and change the world together, utilise technology to lift sacred musicians forward.
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Included in the course..
  • 5 Steps Video Training
  • ​The 21 Mistakes To Avoid Video Training 
  • ​5 Steps To A Successful Music Release PDF 
  • ​5 Steps Powerpoint Slides
  • Release Document Template & Example
  • ​30 Day Money Back Guarantee
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